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Electric clothe Dryer Maintenance and Fire Prevention Tips
« on: March 13, 2012, 04:29:37 AM »
Electric clothe Dryer Maintenance and Fire Prevention Tips
That will save you you house you time and energy!
I think I read somewhere that over 30,000 home fires are caused by Electric dryers yearly, sparking off the Dust accumulated in the air flow paths of your machines exhaust system. Not only is this a Fire hazard, but it's big waste of electric power and your money as well as time.

There are 3 big suggestions. I will post here below, that I do and get my family use to and aware of!

Never leave this machine unattended!!
Of course you'll make certain the machines is off or the breaker are turned off to be safe!

1.  I would check clean the machines; pull out filter after every use..
2.  Check the outside vent Filter at least once per month. most times you can view, then and inspect for dust build up ( clean as need )
3.  I would remove the machine filter and it's casing once per month or so, by removing the screws holding it in place, then with the Vacuum cleaner long narrow fixture and a long stick like object, clean this out as best you can. ( use a chair to sit on _  it may take time to do)

When you replace the screws for the filter holder,  only snug them tight, yet not lose enough that they come out with vibration, do not force them they will strip very easily. ( be very careful not to drop them in the dryer )!!

Note in order to dry your Clothing quickly and save money at the same time, the airflow must be free!

Extra tips, if it takes longer than normal to dry, check the above right away... don't wait... if you feel the top of the machines getting too hot, stop and check these things, try to keep the top of the machine clear of clothing BASKETS AND DETERGENT.. keep this area clean and organized>! always keep this area clear and clean!

I would also suggest a small fire extinguisher here and in the Kitchen.



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